Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about The Deep Freeze: A Guide to the Art of Freezing.

The deep freeze at my house - am I even doing this right?
Freezing: a simple but valuable skill that anyone can learn—and master.

The Deep Freeze Started With a Pandemic

The story of this website begins after COVID-19 began to spread in my home city. I got worried and hit the grocery store to stock up on supplies. I bought enough to feed myself for about a month and felt set for the coming weeks.

A woman shopping in a grocery store with a mask on.
I also factored preservation time into my grocery store visit—What I could keep for a while? It got me thinking about the freezer and what I could store there.

When I got home and began cooking, I ended up with leftovers that I grew tired of eating after a few days. Or, I used part of an ingredient and didn’t know what to do with the rest. So, I asked myself, “Can I freeze any of these things? How would I go about doing it?”

Naturally, I looked online to find out how to freeze leftovers and extra ingredients that I didn’t want to waste. The result was surprising.

The Problem With Today’s How-To Freezing Guides

Rather than find an easy to follow how-to guide on how to freeze something, I came across a lot of websites bogged down with anecdotes, irrelevant information, pop-ups, and way, way too many ads, like this one:

(Sorry—a girl’s gotta make a living, right?)

The search results often suggested recipe websites where the steps on freezing were buried at the bottom. Some instructions were oversimplified and missing answers to questions like, “what container should I use to freeze this?” or “how long can I keep this in the freezer?” and so on.

A frustrated woman wishing she had a resource like The Deep Freeze available.
“Oh my God. I just need to know if I can freeze this leftover potato salad.”

I’d do my best to follow the instructions, but I always felt unsure if I was doing the right thing. I don’t know about you, but I was shocked that it was so tough to find easy to follow guides that would just show me how to freeze stuff and make the most of my freezer.

So, I set out to help others like myself and created this website.

the joys of the Deep freeze

The great thing about freezing is it isn’t hard. There are some universal rules to follow and a few tools you need to do it right. Apart from that, it’s not very difficult.

The deep freeze at my house, full of frozen vegetables.
The freezer is a great choice for storing fresh produce. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round?

It’s also a simple and great way to extend your pantry, so I highly recommend exploring these guides to find new ways to increase the shelf-life of your favorite foods. You might discover some useful information that’ll delight you.

For example, did you know freezing butter can save you money?

Also, there’s no mess, no extra wrapping, no packaging, no containers—no extra tools are needed when freezing butter.

It doesn’t even need defrosting (though, it won’t spread well on toast until it’s softened.)

Here’s the trick: buy a bunch when it’s on sale, throw it in the freezer when you get home, and take it out whenever you need it. That’s it. You’d never know it was frozen. I buy half a year’s worth in advance.

Cold butter, recently taken out of the deep freeze, and being spread onto bread.
You can smear frozen butter directly onto your bread. It requires no defrosting. It is a perfect food.

Save Money, Freeze Butter: The Math

Ok, I usually go thru a 4-stick pack of butter over a period of 2 months. They normally cost $7 each, but sometimes they’re on sale for $3 each.

So, if I bought 6 4-stick packs over the span of a year at the regular price:

6 * 7 = 42

Conversely, if I buy butter at the $3 price:

6 * 3 = 18

That’s a sizeable saving!

Deep Freezing is Easy. if I can do it, so can you

I started this blog as a challenge for myself, and as a way to help others looking for an answer to their freeze-related queries. I hardly knew anything about freezing consumables, and I wanted to master the art of deep-freezing everything from apples to zucchini. And, I want to share everything I discover along the way with you in an easy-to-read, accessible format.

We always welcome feedback and questions about the blog, so don’t be shy and get in touch with us if you have any input to share.

All the best and happy freezing!

– Katie