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How To Clean Kale Before Freezing It

The best way to clean kale is to use a simple, gentle, and natural solution made of water and vinegar.
Prep Time 10 mins
Freezing Time 40 mins
Total Time 50 mins


  • White vinegar
  • A big bowl
  • A tablespoon
  • A colander/strainer
  • A cutting board
  • A chef's knife
  • 2 clean towels


  • Separate the kale leaves.
  • Fill a big bowl with water and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  • Put the kale in the bowl. Let it soak for 30 minutes.
  • Use your hands to remove the kale from the bowl and place it into a colander/strainer. Rinse it under running water.
  • Place the kale leaves flat on a towel and pat them dry with another clean cloth.
  • Trim off the ends of the kale stems (about 1/4 inch or 1cm).
  • Cut off the rest of the stem from each kale leaf. Chop the stems into 1 inch (2.5cm) pieces.
  • Cut the leaves away from the stem.


How to clean kale - trimming
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