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How To Freeze Baked Beans In A Container OR Mason Jar

We’ll walk you through how to freeze homemade or canned beans—with a few tricks to get the best results.
Tip: Use small containers for faster freezing and thawing.
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins


  • A spoon
  • Clean airtight, freezable container OR a Mason Jar
  • Salt
  • Freezer labels
  • A permanent marker
  • Space at the back of your freezer


  • Let the baked beans come to room temperature. If you put hot baked beans straight into the freezer, the container can break because of a dramatic change in temperature.
  • Fill the container or Mason Jar with baked beans. Important: leave 1-2 inches of room at the top of the container or Mason Jar to let the frozen beans expand.
  • Sprinkle some salt in with the beans. It’ll stop them from becoming mushy when you defrost them.
  • If your baked beans have meat (like pork), cover the meat with sauce to stop it from drying out in the freezer.
  • Close the container, sealing it tightly. For Mason Jars, screw on the lid but leave it loose to tighten later.
  • Write today’s date on a freezer label and stick it to the container.
  • Store the container at the back of the freezer. Avoid putting the container in the freezer door, which isn’t as cold as the rest of the freezer.
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