Can You Freeze Almond Milk? A Quick How-To Guide

Can you freeze almond milk? You may have heard you can’t, but you can. There are a few pros and cons to consider, but it’s safe and easy to freeze.

Freeze-ability Index
Freezability Index of Three

Best Stored In…
Freezer bags (as ice cubes)

How to Thaw

What to Expect
Separation (clumpy bits and water)

Can I Re-Freeze?
Not recommended

Can Almond Milk Be Frozen?

Yes, almond milk can be frozen within 5 days of opening the container or 2 days of making a fresh batch, but it won’t look great.

It looks so unappealing that almond milk manufacturers actually discourage consumers from freezing it because it separates after thawing and looks kinda gross. This is one of the cons of freezing almond milk—good news is there’s a trick to fix it.

Apart from this unpleasantry, it’s perfectly safe to freeze, thaw, and consume.

Ice cubes

How To Freeze Almond Milk – Almond Milk Ice Cubes

Making almond milk ice cubes is the best and easiest way to freeze almond milk.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Freezing Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 5 minutes


  • An ice cube tray
  • Resealable plastic freezer bag
  • A permanent marker
  • Freezer labels
  • Space in your freezer for the tray


  • Pour almond milk into the ice cube tray(s).
  • Put the ice cube trays in the freezer. Set a timer to go off in 4 hours.
  • Take the trays out of the freezer and pop out the almond milk cubes. If the cubes are stuck, fill your sink with a little hot water, place the ice cube tray in the hot water for a few seconds, remove it, and try to pop the cubes out. Repeat until they come loose.
  • Pop the cubes into a resealable freezer bag.
  • Write today's date on a freezer label, stick it to the freezer bag, and put the bag in the back of your freezer.
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Almond Milk Freezing FAQ

Here are a few unique questions we get about freezing almond milk:

Can homemade almond milk be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze homemade almond milk within 2 days of making it.

Can you freeze chocolate almond milk?

Yes. Chocolate almond milk will freeze just like the regular kind. The taste will not change much after freezing.

Can homemade almon milk be frozen? A woman making homemade almond milk
Homemade almond milk can be frozen. It’s a great alternative for those with lactose intolerance or other digestive issues where you don’t handle dairy milks well.

The Best Ice Cube Tray (Rubbermaid)

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Best Practices for Freezing Almond Milk

  • You should freeze almond milk within 5 days of opening its container and 2 days of making a fresh batch.
  • Try freezing different brands to see which one you like best.
  • Use a measuring spoon or cup to measure how much liquid a single cube in the tray can hold. This will help you decide how many ice cubes to defrost for your recipe.
Can you freeze almond milk? A measuring cup full of almond milk
A measuring spoon or cup can help you freeze more accurately.

How Long Will Almond Milk Last in the Freezer?

You can keep almond milk in the freezer for up to 3 months.

How To Defrost Almond Milk

There are 3 ways to defrost almond milk. Just remember, the slower you allow it to thaw, the less separation will occur.

  • The best way to defrost almond milk is by allowing it to thaw in the fridge. This requires no effort (other than waiting) and allows it to defrost slowly, which is key.
  • The fastest way to defrost almond milk is thawing it in cold water. Use this method if you’re short on time and can’t wait to defrost it overnight.
  • Add cubes directly to your cooking and let the heat from the pot/pan melt them.

Not sure how to decide which method is best for you? Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right one:

I’m Using It In…Best Method(s) for Defrosting
BakingIn the Fridge OR Cold Water
SmoothiesIn the Fridge OR Cold Water
DrinkingIn the Fridge
In Coffee/TeaIn the Fridge
Milk-based SaucesCooking

How To Defrost Almond Milk In the Fridge

Thawing frozen food and drink in the fridge is the safest and best way to defrost it.
Thawing Time 1 day
Total Time 1 day


  • A container (bowl, bottle, etc.)


  • Take out as many almond milk ice cubes as you need from the freezer bag.
  • Put the almond milk ice cubes in the container (bottle, bowl, etc.)
  • Place the container in the fridge and leave it there overnight.
  • Take the almond milk out of the fridge and blend it.
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Defrosting in cold water

How to Defrost Almond Milk In Cold Water – A Faster Method

Short on time? Use this method to defrost a little more quickly without causing the milk to separate too much.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Defrost Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes


  • A resealable plastic bag
  • A large bowl OR the sink
  • Cold water


  • Take out as many almond milk ice cubes as you need from the freezer bag.
  • Pop the almond milk cubes into a new container or plastic bag.
  • Fill your sink OR a large bowl with cold water. Put the bag or container in the water. Don't use warm water for this step.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes. Check if the almond milk cubes are melting. Replace the water with fresh, cold water and re-set the timer for 30 minutes. Repeat this step until the cubes have melted.
  • Blend the defrosted almond milk—especially to drink it or to add it to your coffee or tea.
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Blanching MethodHow To Defrost Almond Milk – Cook It

Add as many cubes as you need to whatever you’re cooking over the stove. Stir well, and that’s it!

Do not do thisHow NOT to Thaw Almond Milk

Don’t thaw almond milk at room temperature. The temperature change will further separate the pulp from the water, and it isn’t safe to thaw frozen food or drink at room temperature.

What to Expect After Defrosting

  • The texture and consistency of almond milk change significantly after its frozen. The pulp and water separate, and to fix this, you need to blend the thawed almond milk.
  • It’s normal for it to turn a bit yellow.
  • It’ll mostly taste the same as before it was frozen and thawed.

Consume thawed almond milk within 2 days.

Important! How to Fix Frozen Almond Milk

If the almond milk separated during the freezing process, it’s easy to fix. Just blend it for 30 seconds in a countertop blender or with a hand blender. The milk will look normal, apart from being foamy.

If you don’t have a hand blender, try putting the milk into a sealable container, like a jar or bottle, seal it tightly, and shake vigorously.

How to fix frozen almond milk - almond milk in a blender
A few blitzes with a countertop or hand blender can quickly fix defrosted almond milk.

Can You Re-Freeze It?

You technically can refreeze it, but we don’t recommend it. The texture will worsen each time you refreeze and defrost it, and it’ll get to the point where it’s no longer palatable.

You can only refreeze it within 24 hours of defrosting and the milk must always be kept in the fridge. We say it’s time to just buy another carton.

Right, But What About…

Do you know a better way to freeze almond milk? Or are you looking for info on something else? Leave a comment below or email us—we’d love to hear from you!